Zaozernoe or Popovka?

Zaozernoe or Popovka?

Dozens of resorts throughout the Crimea attract each in its own way. Somewhere there are majestic castles, monuments to great commanders or museums, and somewhere there are endless expanses with flowering fields, wide golden beaches and the azure sea. If you are crazy about incredible sandy beaches and enjoy every shade of aquamarine of the sea, then the west coast is your option. But even here it is not easy to choose where to go. Cozy Zaozernoe or popular Popovka? Let's take a closer look to be sure.

Melody of Popovka: yes or no

The small village of Popovka is located 30 km from Evpatoria, the largest city in this region. Here, as on most beaches on the west coast, there is fine sand, golden and pleasant to the touch. The entrance to the water is smooth, which is so loved by families with children, the temperature off the coast is higher than in most other resorts of the Crimea. Entrance to the beach is free, here you can also rent an umbrella and a sun lounger. Nearby there are stalls with ice cream and soft drinks, cabanas and toilets. Popovka is not famous for having a lot of entertainment, it is rather a measured rest for the whole family.

Popovka is a place of attraction for music lovers, but not for those who prefer to listen to music in their room. The Z-City festival is held here annually, which attracts hundreds, if not thousands, of club music lovers. If you do not share their preferences and would like to hear only the rolls of the waves, difficulties will arise. Music will play here every day and will not stop long after midnight.

In addition to the daily disco by the sea, such popularity will also affect the number of beaches. There will be many people.

The long-awaited serenity of Zaozerny

Connoisseurs of a quiet holiday can safely go to Zaozernoe - a cozy place just 7 km from Evpatoria. Favorite sandy beaches and clear water are your companions for the near future. Holidays with children in Zaozerny is an ideal solution, because there are all conditions here:

  • smooth entrance to the sea and shallow water;
  • water warms up quickly;
  • fine sand, from which perfect castles and pimples are obtained;
  • the absence of dozens of nightclubs and the long-awaited silence;
  • sufficiently developed infrastructure: there are shops, pharmacies, regular passenger transportation.

Here you can enjoy leisurely walks, wide beaches that you don't have to share with other holidaymakers, and incredible tranquility. Would you like to dilute your vacation with an entertainment program? Excursions, water parks, a noisy embankment, dozens of restaurants and nightclubs are just a 15-minute drive in Evpatoria, from where it is just as easy to return to your piece of paradise.

Not far from Yevpatoriya, rest in Zaozerny is an opportunity to reboot, gain strength, enjoy peace and serenity. The advantages of this village helped to make a choice towards Zaozerny! We invite you to spend your unforgettable vacation in the guest house "Miru Mir". Here you are waiting for:

  • spacious bright rooms;
  • delicious food;
  • a fenced area that is surrounded by roses;
  • friendly staff;
  • children's animation, playground, cozy cinema;
  • Awesome heated pool
  • Nice prices.

It's so easy to make your vacation perfect - just book a room at the Mir Mir guest house and enjoy every day in the cozy village of Zaozernoye.

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