Sea walk. Fishing

Sea walk. Fishing

Evpatoria is a suitable place for this. it is washed by the waters of the Black Sea from three sides. A boat trip is an excellent option for those who want to relax both in body and soul.

During the walk you will be able to have a great rest, soak up the warm Crimean sun, and of course, swim in the crystal clear sea water. You will have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the city from the sea side.

And if the embankment them. Gorky is not only sandy beaches, but also beautiful ancient monuments of architecture, then the embankment to them. Tereshkova - these are the domes of St. Elias Church and the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, immersed in greenery and shining in the rays of sunlight. In general, there is something to see. And if you're lucky, you can meet dolphins.

And you can combine a pleasant walk with exciting fishing right from the yacht.

We think it will be interesting not only for professionals, but also for amateur fishermen, as well as for children and even women.

You will meet horse mackerel, crucian carp, ruff and bluefish, and if you are lucky, then mullet. And it will be possible to cook and taste your catch without going ashore.

If you are looking for where to relax in Evpatoria by the sea inexpensively, then a great solution could be to rent a room in Zaozerny in the Miru Mir guest house.

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