Information for mothers

Information for mothers

Road to Zaozernoe

The fastest and most convenient way to get to the resort is a transfer. From Simferopol airport to the guest house «Miru Mir» the distance is 70 km, which is equivalent to 1 hour 15 minutes by car. From the railway station in Evpatoria - only 10 km.

Book a transfer in advance, indicate if your child needs a child seat and tell the driver if air conditioning can be used. We guarantee that it will be the most convenient and fastest trip.

Roads, movement, transport

If you are traveling with a child who still needs a stroller, then be sure to take it with you, we have only 2 strollers for rent.

The roads in the village of Zaozernoe are almost all paved, smooth, solid and easy to move around. There are specially equipped paths on the beach, you do not have to drag the stroller along the sand.

For trips to Evpatoria or to the market, etc. best to call a taxi. It's fast, convenient and inexpensive. The cost of the trip will be from 150 rubles. You can take a minibus to Evpatoria every 15 minutes, the fare is 17 rubles. The nearest grocery store from the guest house «Miru Mir» is 250 m (2 min), to the public cafeteria is about 700 m, the amusement park is located 200 m.

About nutritional features and other nuances

Dear parents, if your child suffers from an allergy to some food or he needs to follow a certain diet for health reasons, be sure to check this point before paying for the reservation. We must be fully confident that we can provide you and your child with proper nutrition. Since 3 meals a day is already included in the room rate, we will not be able to deduct it from the rest amount.

Here you can warm up baby food, just contact the administrator, they will tell you where it can be done.

For fire safety reasons, we do not have the possibility of self-cooking.

The rooms have refrigerators, you can store food that you buy in the store.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate children in wheelchairs.

For babies, we provide cots in the rooms and high chairs for feeding.

Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that all the nuances must be discussed in advance before paying for the room. We really want to create the most comfortable conditions for both adults and children.

Safety First

On the territory of the guest house "Miru Mir" there are some rules that ensure our guests safety on vacation:

You can not bring into the territory and into the rooms of strangers who do not live in the guest house.

You can't leave your number unlocked.

Do not bring multicookers, kettles and other electrical appliances with you.

Do not leave small children unattended in the rooms or on the premises.

We do not allow children under 12 years old to use the pool if there are no parents nearby. Also, you can not violate the sanitary standards in the pool.

Children under 12 are not allowed to swim in the pool without sleeves and vests.

Remember that only you are responsible for the life, health and safety of your child, but we try our best to help you with this.

Medical care, drugs, hospital

We hope that you will not need any of the above during your vacation in the Crimea, but be sure to take compulsory medical insurance policies with you for all family members.

If your child is taking any medications, please bring them with you.

At the address st. Alley Druzhby, 70 in Zaozerny there is an outpatient clinic (900 m from the guest house). There is a pharmacy next to it.

An ambulance arrives around the clock.

Sea and beach in Zaozernoe

The closest beach to us is "Barabulka" - sandy, wide and equipped. You can rent a deck chair, bungalow, hide from the sun under a canopy, but do not forget about the standard safety rules:

Avoid overheating. The sun can be very treacherous, especially during the hottest hours.

Use sunscreen and wear a hat.

Do not let the child go far from you and do not take your eyes off him if he goes swimming without adult accompaniment (it is better, of course, to go into the water together).

Make sure that the inflatable circles, armlets and mattresses are intact. Do not play around with these items, because the child may be confused if the mattress turns over, for example.

Drink water!

Entertainment and animation

The entertainment program at the Miru Mir guest house is designed for children of all ages. We are preparing show programs and entertainment for kids from morning to evening. Let's start the day with exercises and finish it with an evening cinema hall. For your convenience, our animators work not only on the territory of the guest house, but also on the beach.

On the beach there are trampolines, water activities, a canopy for children with toys.

An amusement park is located nearby.

In Evpatoria, you will also find many places for interesting and educational leisure: a dolphinarium, a water park, parks, excursions and much more.

Infrastructure of Zaozernoye village

The village is small but well developed. There is a market, pharmacies, a dispensary, an amusement park, supermarkets, grocery and non-food stores, many cafes, ATMs, all within 50 to 500 meters from us. If you don’t find something in the village, you can always go to Evpatoria, which is located just 7 km from Zaozerny.

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