Diving in Evpatoria is one of the most popular types of entertainment that will help diversify your beach holiday.

Believe me, this is not a sport, it is something more emotional. And it is not necessary to be a certified diver with experience. The areas of Evpatoria are great for beginners who only dream of joining the world of scuba diving - including children.

On vacation in Evpatoria, you will find ideal conditions for the first dive: sandy and clean beaches, gentle slopes into the water, you can go down to underwater caves and sunken ships.

About 10 ships sank off the coast of Evpatoria.

For example, in 1943, not far from the city, the transport ship Santa Fe sank. The ship was sailing from Constanta to Sevastopol, carrying assault guns and aerial bombs, but there was an explosion on board. As a result, Santa Fe broke into two parts and quickly went under water.

Literally 150 m lies the German submarine hunter Uj-102, which sank in the same 1943 with the entire crew. It was transporting new tank destroyers, which is why there was a version that it was specially sent here to destroy the remains of the sunken Santa Fe.

Away from Evpatoria, near the village of Shtormovoe, you can see the Volga Don, the skeleton of a Soviet transport ship en route to Sevastopol, captured and sunk by the Germans.

One of the best diving spots on the west coast is Cape Tarkhankut.

At a depth of 3 to 9, and somewhere up to 20 m, you will meet many grottoes, tunnels and caves. Tarkhankut, so to speak, is ideal because the water here is incredibly clear, and even with a slight wave in the sea, the bottom can be seen from the shore.

The most famous attraction is the underwater Alley of Leaders, located 100 meters from the shore, at a depth of 13 meters and has about 60 exhibits, including Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, and, of course, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin himself.

In addition to the Alley of Leaders, there are other equally popular diving spots on the cape:

Cup of love. Depth up to 14 m, access to the open sea through a seven-meter passage.

Grotto Bottle. It looks like a huge bottle with a narrow neck. You can get here only by boat - from the sea.

Chucha tunnel. You can only dive in calm. the entrance to the tunnel is only through a 150-meter cave - the lowest in the Crimea.

Diving clubs in Evpatoria will help you dive into the depths of the Black Sea and see the underwater life.

A lot of emotions and impressions are guaranteed

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