Riding on a board with a sail, in other words - windsurfing, has very harmoniously fit into the Crimean life and has recently been gaining more and more popularity.

Evpatoria is considered the second best city in the Crimea, which is great for such a light extreme.

If you are a beginner, you can be calm, most of the coast of Evpatoria is a large bay that closes the sea from big waves and strong winds. Calm waters will help you learn how to stand on the board, control it and catch the wind on your own.

For those who are pros in this sport, there is an excellent area for skiing on the southern coast of Evpatoria. Here the open sea, and as a result, stronger and more stable winds. And thanks to the mild climate, you can surf almost all year round.

Off the coast of Kalamitsky Bay between the village. Zaozernoe and the city of Evpatoria there is a surf station «Fresh Wind». Here you can rent a windsurfing and SUP board or have a lesson with an experienced instructor.

If you love the sea, are not indifferent to outdoor activities, want to have fun and relax for the benefit of your health, come to rest in Evpatoria.

You can always stay comfortably in the guest houses of Zaozerny, in particular, in the Mir Mir guest house.

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