Tropic park

Tropic park

In the children's amusement park there is a fabulous Dragon, inside which there is a unique collection of animals.

More than 150 species of the most diverse inhabitants of our beautiful planet are brought together in a tropical park. Animals can be treated with special treats from their own hands.

Making terrariums as close as possible to natural conditions. The real pride of the exposition is the longest snake in the terrarium collections - a seven-meter reticulated python, a giant anaconda, the smallest primates in the world, a giant African tortoise, and rare birds. All reptiles are grown in TROPIKPARK and live with us for many years.

The reconstruction of the pavilion and the creation of stationary terrariums and aviary continues today. Every day more and more new and original details appear, bringing the exposition closer to the intended image.

Tropic Park will appeal to those who come to rest in Yevpatoria with children.

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