Rest in Zaozerny

Rest in Zaozerny

By going on vacation in Zaozerny in 2022, you will improve your health, have fun and get a lot of positive emotions that will stay with you for a long time.

Climate and weather in Zaozerny

Due to its location, Zaozernoe boasts a steppe climate. The air here is much drier than on the south coast. There are practically no storms, so the water temperature in the sea is consistently warm throughout the holiday season.

Of course, in summer the most comfortable weather for a holiday is in Zaozerny 2022. The air warms up on average from +26.8°C to +29.6°C. The sunniest month is July. The number of sunny days reaches 29. It is this period that is considered the most "high" season.

According to average statistics, the sea during the peak season warms up to +28°C. But, take our word for it, it feels like the water is even warmer than the statistics say.

Of course, you can open the season as early as May. But the resort meets the main stream of tourists from mid-June. Hot dry weather lasts almost until the end of August. After that, the famous and beloved Velvet season begins. In September, the average air temperature during the day is about 24°C, the water temperature in the sea reaches 22°C. Quite comfortable weather for a holiday in the village of Zaozernoye outside the high season.

The beaches of Zaozernoye are one of the best in Crimea!

There are about seven beaches in Zaozerny, where all vacationers can comfortably accommodate. Some of them are fully equipped with all the infrastructure and entertainment: the Central one is Barabulka, Cote d'Azur, SuperAkva, Limanovka, Arcadia. There are beaches for more secluded recreation and even for savage recreation. The latter include Soldier's Beach, Mojito, Photon-Mayak.

Entrance to the beaches of the village is free, but all additional services will have to be paid for (chaise lounges, gazebos, attractions, cafes, bars). But the Cote d'Azur beach belongs to a car camping, and therefore the entrance is paid. But do not worry, the payment is symbolic. For this fee, garbage collection, free toilet, shower and water are organized on the beach.

All the beaches are united by one thing - white, soft sand, the fame of which has long since left the peninsula. Have you heard the phrase "Crimean Maldives"? So they say about the beaches of Zaozerny.

The beaches have:

  • Massage;
  • water attractions;
  • trampolines;
  • changing rooms and showers, toilets;
  • bars, cafes;
  • canopies, deck chairs;
  • rescue towers.

The entrance to the sea is everywhere very smooth and convenient. The water is transparent, as in the advertisement of exotic islands.

For all these features, holidays in Zaozernoye are preferred by families with small children.

Rest in Zaozerny: what to visit?

Relaxation is not always about lying on the beach. Having received a portion of vitamin D, you can think about visiting nearby attractions.

So, you can visit:

  • Moinak lake and a group of estuaries;
  • Greek-Scythian settlement "Chaika";
  • Pink lake Sasyk-Sivash;
  • Evpatoria lighthouse;
  • RT-70 radio telescope.

Beckons vacationers in Zaozerny Evpatoria. This is not surprising, because the village is located only 7 km from the city. It is worth allocating one day for a walk to visit the famous Little Jerusalem, museums, ride a tram, and eat traditional food.

Experienced tourists recommend the following activities in 2022:

  • diving;
  • windsurfing club;
  • water park "At Lukomorye",
  • aquarium in Evpatoria;
  • dolphinarium in Evpatoria;
  • Little Jerusalem tours
  • children's park "Crimea in miniature";
  • Avangard amusement park;
  • rope park;
  • crocodile farm;
  • fishing on the high seas;
  • yacht trips;
  • Lost World Dinosaur Park;
  • Giant House and Upside Down House;
  • Tropypark petting zoo

Make a list before the trip and try to implement it.

How to get to rest in Zaozernoye?

Since the majority of tourists arriving on the peninsula travel through Simferopol, the main direction will be Simferopol-Zaozernoye. It is worth noting that a trip by public transport will be mandatory through Evpatoria. You can get to the city by bus (from the railway, from the airport) or by train, there make a change to Zaozerny.

There are also direct bus services, but there are only a few for the whole day. At the stage of organizing your trip, we ask you to study this point in advance.

Also, trains run to Evpatoria from Moscow, St. Petersburg.

From Yevpatoriya to Zaozernoye there is a fixed-route taxi No. 8.

You can take this bus right at the railway station. It runs regularly, literally every 10 minutes. You will need to get off at the Gaidara stop (it is the nearest one). Keep in mind that the last flight leaves at 22:00.

The fastest and most convenient option is a taxi or transfer. For transfer arrangements, please check with the property in advance. Often this will be cheaper than calling a taxi. This method is especially convenient for those who come to Zaozernoye on vacation with children.

See the current schedule of buses and trains at Yandex.Schedule.

Inexpensive vacation in Zaozerny in Crimea

Our hotel complex is one of the best in all of Evpatoria. We provide our guests with the best inexpensive vacation in Zaozerny in the Crimea with all amenities and comfort. Using our services, you can be sure of their high quality.

If you want to relax inexpensively, but with great comfort - just contact us!

Our complex is located in a cozy and quiet place, the sandy beach is located 500 meters away. The bustle of the city and the noise of cars are completely absent. The beaches are equipped with all necessary equipment for a comfortable stay.

The village itself has a very developed infrastructure, there is an entertainment complex, a huge number of shops, a food market, bars, restaurants, etc.

Benefits of rest in Zaozerny near Evpatoria in the guest house "Miru Mir"

Rest in Zaozerny in Evpatoria in our guest house «Mir Mir» has many advantages:

  • Large selection of hotel rooms;
  • Acceptable prices;
  • The rooms are equipped with all necessary furniture and a refrigerator;
  • Heated pool;
  • There is free Wi-Fi;
  • The beach is only 500 m away;
  • Lunch and dinner provided;
  • Barbecue;
  • Bicycles;
  • Transfer

Guest house "Miru Mir" is comfortable rooms with all amenities. We guarantee that your stay with us will remain unforgettable, you will take only positive emotions with you and you will definitely want to come back here again.

Rest in Zaozerny in Crimea is in great demand. After all, it is always comfort, quality and coziness for a satisfactory price.

To date, hundreds of customers have used our services, who are still our regular visitors. We provide our guests with exceptionally high service and a professional level of service.

Positive feedback and satisfied customers are the main guarantor of quality services. We guarantee that you will definitely enjoy your stay with us.

Come to the village of Zaozernoye with the whole family, and you can stock up on good health and optimism for the whole year!

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