Rest with treatment in Evpatoria: health tourism as the main trend

Rest with treatment in Evpatoria: health tourism as the main trend

Mineral water and therapeutic mud: what Evpatoria is famous for

The successful territorial location of Evpatoria makes the city and the surrounding villages a unique balneological and climatic place. After all, we all go to the sea to recharge ourselves with powerful solar and marine energy for the year ahead. It is then that the process of healing the whole organism takes place.

In the vicinity of Yevpatoria, there is Lake Moinaki, the brine or brine of which is used in the treatment of various diseases at the mud resort, both in an independent form for baths, and is added to any complex with mud therapy.

The effect of mud baths is great: the condition of your skin improves significantly, the dermis quickly recovers and becomes toned.

One of the competing highlights of the «City of 25 centuries» is the amazing opportunity to apply healing methods, which are based on drinking mineral waters. So, for example, to cope with digestive diseases, nitrogen chloride sodium water is used.

Tired of the routine of hard working days, tourists head to the sea. It is the true and best natural antidepressant.

Thalassotherapy or "healing by the sea" as a kind of climatotherapy improves the appearance of a person using only natural marine ingredients: sand, mud, algae and sea water.

Sanatorium treatment will help to get rid of ailments in time

Sanatorium complexes of the Crimean health resort - Evpatoria, for many years now have been hosting everyone who wants to improve their health. They are equipped with modernized equipment, and the employees of the institutions use only new methods and technologies for treating vacationers.

Rest, combined with properly selected procedures, can literally heal all the components of the human body system. These include various diseases of the upper respiratory tract and respiratory organs, nervous system, heart and blood vessels. Sanatoriums help cure skin diseases, most occupational ailments (for example, sensorineural hearing loss and deforming osteoarthritis). Only in this resort town is the successful treatment of cerebral palsy carried out.

Holidays by the sea are good for your health!

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