Rest near Evpatoria

Rest near Evpatoria

Evpatoria is a fairly large and popular resort on the Western coast of Crimea. Of course, you should expect that there are a lot of tourists here at the height of the tourist season.

Where to look for comfort, coziness, a little silence and a little more free space on the beach? We recommend paying attention to small villages near Evpatoria. One of them is Zaozernoye, 7 km from the city. A large selection of accommodation for every taste and budget, beautiful sandy beaches, a salubrious climate and a lot of sun - that's what attracts guests here.

Rest near Evpatoria in summer: climate and weather

Summer in the region near Evpatoria begins at the end of May. But the most comfortable time for swimming and sunbathing is from mid-June. The average air temperature during the day is +26°C, at night - up to +18-20°C. The sea warms up to +21°C. Of course, it's not hot yet, but it's already warm enough.

Warmer weather is expected in July. The air warms up to +30-32°C during the day. The sea can already be +25°C.

August is a hot and sunny month. The minimum amount of precipitation falls, the air temperature during the day reaches + 35 ° C. You just don't want to leave the sea, because the water is +26-28°C. The sea in the resort villages near Evpatoria is shallow, warms up very quickly, and keeps the high temperature for a long time.

Why do tourists love summer holidays near Evpatoria?

Judging by the reviews of vacationers, one can single out a whole separate list, why do they like to rest near Evpatoria in the summer.

Lots of sun and warmth. During the whole summer in these parts, there can be only a few rainy days.

Amazing sunsets. It's no secret that on the Western coast of Crimea the sun sets right into the sea. The sky is painted with absolutely incredible colors every evening, I want to absorb this beauty into myself in order to warm myself until the next visit to the sea.

An abundance of fresh vegetables and juicy fruits. Strawberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, watermelons and melons are just a part of what you can try in the Crimea in summer. You can buy in local markets or directly in the gardens.

Relaxing atmosphere. Summer is a small life. And to live it by the sea is a special pleasure, agree J

Affordable prices. Guest houses in Zaozerny in the Crimea offer to rent rooms at very attractive prices, which are often an order of magnitude lower than in Evpatoria.

Recreation near Evpatoria in summer: entertainment

It will not be difficult to diversify your summer vacation in Zaozerny. Adults and children will find entertainment to their liking and mood.

You can ride on water bikes, catamarans. The beaches have rides and trampolines. Love to dive? Take a mask, snorkel, fins and enjoy the crystal clear sea.

Professionals and amateurs can rent equipment for recreation: kayaks, catamarans. Try sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing.

Going on a boat trip can be a very good idea if you and your family are not seasick.

And, of course, no one canceled excursions! You can go to Evpatoria for one day and immerse yourself in its ancient history (the city is over 2500 years old). If you have time, set aside a couple of days and visit other sights of Crimea.

Guest house «Miru Mir» - your ideal summer vacation near Evpatoria!

«Miru Mir» is a guest house for a comfortable family vacation in the Crimea. We try to listen to the wishes of our guests, because your rest is our concern.

On the territory of the guest house there is a cafe (on schedule), where you can have a delicious meal. The pension is included in the price of the rooms.

We have a sauna that can be booked in advance.

The outdoor heated pool is a point of attraction for all vacationers. A large pool 5x12 m is divided into an adult area and a children's bowl. Nearby there are swings, sun loungers, a gazebo.

Throughout the holiday season, we have organized animation for children.

We hope that our guest house «Miru Mir» will become that quiet and cozy haven where you will spend an unforgettable vacation.

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