Martian Museum

Martian Museum

The House of Aliens or the "Museum of Martians" has opened in Evpatoria

A completely new project, which was developed by a team of designers long before construction began.

The house of the alien, or as it is commonly called the "Museum of the Martians", contains 10 expositions inside, placed in flasks.

Small aliens, made as realistic as possible, create the impression of living beings.

Also, 5 expositions of representatives of the human race, who left our earth a million years ago and evolved, were developed here. The museum reproduced the spaces in which they live, after returning to earth.

The exhibition will be visited by adults and those who come to rest with children in Evpatoria.

Come/come to:

Evpatoria, st. Popovicha, 3 (amusement park "Vanguard").

Call: +7(978) 209-48-87

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