Resort villages near Evpatoria

Resort villages near Evpatoria

What makes the settlements near Evpatoria so attractive?

Small towns along the sea are increasingly outperforming the advertised large cities, having a number of advantages:

  • wide sandy beaches that will be appreciated not only by adults, but also by kids;
  • clean and clear water;
  • smooth entry into the water;
  • remoteness from the highway, plants and factories, which affects air quality;
  • rest away from large crowds.

Such places in Crimea are especially appreciated by families with children, because there is everything for such a holiday: safe, clean beaches with soft sand, where children can easily find something to do, markets with local fruits, a calm atmosphere and a pleasant climate.

Zaozernoye - a corner of silence and pleasant rest

Among the many resort villages by the sea - Zaozernoe stands out among all. Here you will not meet crowds of tourists who often choose large cities with a large concentration of attractions. Wide beaches can accommodate all lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday at a comfortable distance from each other.

The infrastructure of Zaozerny is developed enough to make your stay here comfortable: a small market with local fruits, grocery stores, pharmacies, shops with beach paraphernalia, cozy coastal cafes.

If you wish, you can go to Evpatoria, which is only 6 km away, by private car or bus number 8, which runs regularly.

Unforgettable experiences at the Miru Mir Guest House

Rest in Zaozerny in the guest house "Mir Mir" will be held in comfortable rooms equipped with everything you need. In addition to the pleasant atmosphere, guests can enjoy delicious varied meals from the best chefs, friendly staff, children's animation and leisure for parents, a heated outdoor pool and a sea of ​​positive emotions. Well, the main thing in resting here is just 5 minutes walk to the purest golden beach!

Do you want to come to Zaozernoye on vacation with children? All conditions have been created here to make it fun and interesting for kids, and for parents to be calm for their safety and leisure!

Villages near Evpatoria

The surroundings of Evpatoria are known not only for the cozy village of Zaozernoe.

Closer to Simferopol, many tourists can be found in Coastal. Budget holidays near the city are often chosen by lovers of the beach and the sea. There are no attractions or an amusement park here, but there is a desired calm and serenity.

Storm, Vitino, Molochnoe - these villages also "have in their arsenal" boundless sandy beaches, clear and clean sea and hungry seagulls that will keep you company in your secluded vacation.

Popovka and Mirny are known to many thanks to a major music festival. These villages are often chosen by young people who love to relax from dusk to dawn. By the way, they are incredibly beautiful here!

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