Climate in Zaozerny and Yevpatoriya

Climate in Zaozerny and Yevpatoriya

290 days of summer or how not to get tired of relaxing

Climate and weather are indispensable conditions for tourism. Wherever travelers gather, they play an important, paramount role.

The village of Zaozernoe is located near Evpatoria and is famous for its very unusual arid, steppe climate. However, the favorable close location of the Black Sea makes it softer and more moderate.

The age of winter-winter is not long here. And only in February she "shows" her cold, frosty character.

In the «velvet season» the Yevpatoriya resort boasts an air temperature of +25°C and water of +22°C.

Spring in Zaozerny, as in all coastal cities of Crimea, begins as soon as the last winter snow melts. The temperature regime here is average - + 20 ° C. The high holiday season in Zaozerny and Evpatoria can begin from mid-May. Therefore, in the spring, swimmers will be able to truly appreciate the benefits of sea water for the body.

In summer, thermometers can show temperature fluctuations - from + 21 ° C to + 28 ° C. Sometimes it breaks records, as the influx of sunlight and heat reaches + 38 ° C. Water warms up to +25оС in summer. In view of the frequent cases of abnormal heat, sea water turns into fresh milk.

In Zaozerny and Yevpatoriya there is a very long period of sunny days a year - 260-290.

Climate healing

Rest in Zaozerny near Evpatoria is not only the sea, the sun, the beach, but also a natural inhalation. Therefore, not just an entertaining trip, but also a healing procedure awaits all travelers and their families. All this is connected with the climatic conditions of the resort areas on the Black Sea coast.

Air contains not only ordinary atmospheric gases, but also salt ions dissolved in sea water. Taking air baths by the sea prevents the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract from drying out.

Climatotherapy contributes to the normalization of body functions as a whole, has a general strengthening effect, and also restores and improves impaired functions of the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular and other types of systems.

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