Evpatoria Karting Center Crimea Grand Prix is ​​the largest and only international racing complex in Crimea

Evpatoria Karting Center, open from March to November, from 10:00 to 17:00, until the last client.

The time of one race is 10 minutes. The price includes: karting rental, telemetry data, a helmet and a disposable hygienic balaclava. Additional services of the Karting Center: corporate events, competitions and a Karting School. Telephone for inquiries at the Evpatoria Art Center: +7 (978) 710-38-68

The easiest way to get to the Yevpatoriya Karting Center is along the Razdolnenskoye Highway. From Yevpatoria, along the highway 3.2 km, just outside the village of Suvorovskoye, along the main highway, there is a karting center. If you drive from Evpatoria, then on the last lap (before Lake Sasyk-Sivash) we turn towards the traffic police, and along the main road. We pass the village of Suvorovskoye and after 1.4 km there will be an exit towards the karting center. Evpatoria karting center is located at the address: Saki district, Razdolnenskoe highway, 6th km.

When planning a visit to the Karting Center, it is advisable to call back and ask if there are any competitions today (usually they last several hours, and then the track is prepared for driving for about 30 minutes). Track safety is at the highest level. All karts, before the start of the race, undergo a technical inspection. Dangerous places of the track are marked, and the instructors are always ready to help you.

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