Settlement «Chaika»

Settlement «Chaika»

The largest resort area to the north-west of Evpatoria is Zaozernoe. There is a large ancient settlement «Chaika» here.

Settlement «Chaika»

To the north-west of Evpatoria stretch vast sandy beaches with recreation centers, private mini-hotels and guest houses. The largest resort area outside Yevpatoria is the Zaozernoye microdistrict (village). The local beaches are ideal for bathing small children, as they are shallow and warm up well. Therefore, in Zaozerny, children's camps and health resorts stretch along the coast in a continuous strip.

In the IV century BC. e. The ancient Greeks built here a huge building fortified with towers. It was a trading post of the Chersonesites. In the III century BC. e. The building burned down, after which it was rebuilt into a residential building.

In the II century BC. e. The settlement was captured by the Scythians and turned it into their fortified point. Instead of a moat, they erected a four-meter defensive wall, the length of which was over forty meters. Moreover, they built it in a rather original way: first they poured a sandy rampart about six meters wide, and then reinforced it on both sides with rubble walls. But this settlement did not last long.

According to archaeologists, life stopped here in the 1st century BC. e.

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