House of the Giant

House of the Giant

Psychologists say that sometimes it is useful for adults to forget about their solidity and seriousness - this helps to relax and relieve tension.

On April 7, 2021, the House of the Giant opened its doors in Evpatoria.

"The Giant's House" is the 4th project implemented in a cartoon style. Here, the authors have chosen bright colors and combinations to make the guests feel like they are in a fairy-tale world and leaving there they have a lot of bright pictures as a keepsake.

This space leaves no one indifferent, children and parents enjoy playing a large LEGO constructor, a giant Jenga, draw on the walls and, most importantly, while inside the house they feel like tiny people, and adults return to childhood, remembering their adventures under the table !

Arriving for a long-awaited vacation in Evpatoria in the summer of 2022, you can stay at the guest house in Zaozerny "Mir Mir". This will allow you to combine visiting the sights of the city and a comfortable beach holiday in a suburban village.

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