Evpatoria Dolphinarium is the largest project in the Crimea, designed to provide an easy and pleasant acquaintance of a person with marine mammals.

Every year the creative team of the dolphinarium prepares a new exciting show program, in which smiling and mischievous Black Sea dolphins (bottle dolphins), funny and restless white whales (beluga whales), temperamental and cheerful fur seals and lions play various and bright roles.

The Evpatoria Dolphinarium opens its doors to guests who come on vacation with children to Zaozernoye near Yevpatoria and residents of the resort city to give health, joy and delight.

Where is the dolphinarium in Evpatoria:

Republic of Crimea, Evpatoria, st. Kievskaya 19/20

Phone: +7 (978) 855-46-51 , +7 (36569) 2-70-99

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